Haunted Corn Maze : All Ages

Haunted Corn Maze : All Ages

The Mid-South Maze
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šŸŒ½Ā Navigate the Shadows:Ā  Wind your way through twisted paths of Corn, haunted by eerie sights and unsettling sounds. Can you make it through the maze's twists and turns while facing your deepest fears?Ā 

Haunting Encounters:Ā Be prepared for ghostly encounters and spine-chillingĀ surprises around every corner. Our haunted maze is alive with ghouls, spirits, and unexpected frights that will keep you on edge and your heart racing.

Each ticket is valid for one person and gives you access to our Haunted Corn Maze, open Friday and Saturday Nights in October, 7PM-10PM.

Please note that this experience isĀ notĀ recommended for children under 5 or those with a fear of the dark and flashing lights , however we leave theĀ decisionĀ to enter the maze to the Parents. There are no age restrictions, it is an All Ages event.Ā 

Our Haunted Corn Maze is available for a limited time only, so don't miss out on the chilling excitement.Ā Purchase your Haunted Corn Maze Ticket today!


  • Access to the Haunted Corn Maze.
  • Spooky atmosphere with scare actors and performers and special effects.
  • Thrilling twists and turns in the maze
  • Jump Scares, Loud Music, Screams and Strobe Lights are used.